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Obagi Nu-Derm Before and After Photos

Beyond Skin care... the science of skin health restoration

The Obagi renewal continuum combines advanced products that work in concert at the cellular level, to restore the skin's natural cycle of regeneration. 
  •   Photodamage
  •   Melasma

Nu-Derm restoration program-

Nu-Derm maintenance program.

The Nu-Derm System utilizes the most effective treatments for hyperpigmentation and the effects of photodamage to improve skin at the cellular level. Tretinoin stimulates the growth rate of fibroblasts for improved elasticity, firmness, hydration, and healing.


  •   Melasma

Nu-Derm restoration program-moderately aggressive protocol

Nu-Derm maintenance program

The Nu-Derm System is a complete line of products that complements standard prescription treatments in an effective, easy-to-use reginmen. Hydroquinone remains the most effective bleaching agent for the treatment of melasma.


  •   Freckles
  •   Melasma

Nu-Derm restoration program-- moderately aggressive protocol.

Nu-Derm maintenance program.

Use of Tretinoin helps increase epidermal thickness and stratum corneum compaction to promote smoothness and strengthen the skin's protective barrier. Tretinoin stimulates keratinocytemitosis create a soft compact stratum corneum.


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