Laser Vein Removal
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Laser Vein Removal

Unsightly blue and purple veins are a common problem. Until a few years ago, the only way to remove such veins was through surgery or uncomfortable injections with a "sclerosing agent." But now, lasers can remove unwanted veins comfortably without breaking the skin. We have one of the most advanced such lasers available. Our laser can treat:
  • SPIDER VEINS -blue or purple vessels that appear most frequently near the surface of the face and thighs.
  • LARGE LEG VEINS -deeper, blue veins up to about three (3) millimeters in diameters.
  • SPIDER NEVI -branching, spider-like networks of mini capillaries near the skin's surface.
  • Many other kinds of cosmetically displeasing vessels.
Comfortable, Effective Treatments On All Skin Complexions.
Vascular lasers work by emitting pulses of energy to the unwanted vessels. This energy is absorbed by the blood within the vessels, causing them to heat up and contract to the point where they become disabled. Once the vessels are disabled, they are eliminated by the natural processes of the body. Many older laser systems deliver each pulse of energy to the skin over an extremely brief period of time (less than 50 thousandths of a second). This can cause side effects and discomfort, especially on darker skin. However, our laser delivers roughly the same energy over a much longer period of time (up to 1 second) for exceptionally safe and comfortable treatments. The laser also has a contact-cooling handpiece to protect the skin even further.


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