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Laser Hair Removal Instructions

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Return patients please remember to prep area

30 minutes prior to your treatment time.


Pre-operative Instructions--Before Your Treatment

  • Laser patients using our latest FDA approved laser for tanned skin and skin of color do not need to avoid sun tanning prior to treatment however, efficacy may be better if tanning is avoided.

  • Acne patients having used Accutane should have discontinued the use of this medication for at least one year. Occasionally, acne flare-ups occur after laser treatments.

  • Discontinue Aspirin three days before treatment.

  • Avoid sunbathing or tanning 2-4 weeks prior to the procedure.  When going outdoors wear sunscreen greater than SPF 45 and a protective hat.

  • Cold sores must be treated and healed before treatment.

  • Darkly tanned skin or skin types darker than type three may need to be lightened or bleached one month prior to therapy.

  • Tanned skin can be treated. Make sure you inform the physician before your procedure.

  • Do not wax the treatment area.

  • If you have had previous problems with any type of laser therapy, are prone to scarring, have sensitive skin, delicate skin or have a history of post-inflammatory pigmentation (darkening of the skin after injury), please inform the doctor during consultation.

Day of Treatment

  • Do not use creams, oils, perfumes, cosmetic products, etc. on the treatment site.

  • Wear loose, comfortable, clothing that will not rub the treatment area.

  • Shave and prepare the area as instructed and apply the topical anesthetic 1-1 Ĺ hours prior to treatment. Cover with plastic wrap.

  • Prepared area will be shaved if not shaved and prepared. A topical anesthetic will be applied. Area will be covered with plastic wrap for 30 minutes prior to treatment. Following that, a gel will be applied and our physician begins the procedure. (For the patientís comfort, if the area to be treated is sensitive, a topical anesthetic cream will be prescribed and will need to be applied to the treatment area(s) for at least 30 minutes prior to treatment.

  • Treatment can last from 15 minutes to 3 hours depending on the area size.

  • A mild Aloe/cortisone cream will be applied to the treated area(s) if needed.

Post Operative Instruction--After Your Treatment

  • Avoid sun exposure for the next 2-4 weeks after your treatments.

  • The treated area may be pink for a few days.

  • Treated hairs fall out in about 10 to 14 days. Each follicle pushes itself out from the bottom up.

  • If you do plan to have additional treatments to the same area, then please avoid sunning to the area going to be treated. ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN.

  • Avoid using irritating deodorants or creams to the affected area for 48 hours or longer if redness or irritation in the skin is observed.

  • If you notice a burning sensation after your treatment, you may apply an Aloe Vera gel to the affected area.  If the burning persists for more than 48 hours, please feel free to contact the physician.

  • If blistering or bruising occurs, cover the affected area with an antibiotic ointment (Bacitracin or Polysporin) and cover with a non-stick bandage until the wound is healed.

  • The 3rd day after treatment you may shave to loosen hair that is still embedded in follicles.

  • If bruising, swelling or blistering is noted do not shave the area.

  • You will be quoted a price for treatment of defined area(s) to be treated at your 1st session. Additional areas not treated during your 1st visit will incur additional charges for the time spent performing the laser treatment.

  • You will be charged for topical anesthetic products supplied by Aesthetique for all laser treatments.

  • You may defray the cost of the topical anesthetic by using your medical insurance and obtaining a prescription from our doctor, although medical insurance does not cover the cost of cosmetic laser treatments.

  • You will need to prepare your skin before arrival at the office, being closely shaved and having applied the topical anesthetic 30 minutes prior to arrival on return visits.

  • You will be charged for laser time lost by not confirming your appointment time 24 hours prior and failing to keep your appointment on return visits.

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